I can talk for days



Classically trained in piano I have the vocabulary to talk music.

Informally trained in DJing I have the skills to communicate with music.

Djing to me is speaking another language, using sounds, beats, silence, loudness to speak my heart.
This is why I try to play everything, as I choose to express myself in ways that are different.


I did it the old school way.

  • You found friends with gear and put together a dj booth where you spun records until someone did something new, that you all started to practice that trick.

  • You would play music for hours, practicing blends and recording your mixes to cassette.

  • You would run to the car to listen to your sets as you cringed with every train wrecked beat.

  • On weekends you went out to the clubs to hear the hottest new music from Djs that had jobs or friends who worked at the record shops like gramaphone, hot jams, wax trax or Import records.


 Regardless of how you dj, the same formula holds true.

Hot beats + smooth blends = fun times and dancing